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2013 News

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Njabulo Dlamini (Class of 1998) was appointed Partner at Deloitte SA in July 2013.

Cait Pansegrouw (Class of 2006) was selected to attend the Talent Campus Program at the Durban International Film Festival in July 2013.

Caz Henderson Griffin (Class of 1983) had a recipe published in the latest East Coast Tables: The Inland Edition recipe book.

Dr Vanessa Naidoo (Class of 2000) was recognised as one of the top 200 South African young achievers for her outstanding work as a mission doctor in war torn countries, where she set up an operating theatre in a new hospital and worked as an anaesthetist, training midwives and delivering babies.

Lyn Allen Van Breda (Class of 1989) achieved second place at the UCI Mountainbike Masters World Championships in Pietermaritzburg in August.

Ian Abrams (Class of 1969) completed the Mandela Day marathon in August

Gordon Stuart (Class of 1988) won the ‘Best on Show’ award at the 2013 Sunday Tribune Garden Show for the feature garden he designed and constructed for The Sunday Tribune.

Lizell Bright (Class of 1986) graduated from UKZN and was awarded her MBA in April.

Dr Ian Haddon (Class of 1989) was elected a Fellow of the Geological Society of South Africa. His "experience, achievements and management skills have contributed to establishing scientific and professional excellence in the Earth Science profession in South Africa"

Tashiana Beharielal (Class of 2009) has achieved a BSc qualification.

Mbali Ndlela (Class of 2009) is studying at the Pietermaritzburg School of Fashion Design and was awarded the Designer of the Year award in 2013.


Jenny Jacobs-Kraft (nee` Holliday) (class of 2000) had a daughter, Amber Chloe, on 27th December 2012.  Andrea Spiers (class of 2005) had a daughter, Tayla, on the 25th of December 2012.  Stephen Hughes (class of 1994) and his wife Dannie had a son, Benjamin, in January.  Kayleen Braun (class of 2007) had a daughter, Hunter, in January.  Mark Butlin (class of 1994) and Kate-Marie Quibell Butlin (class of 1999) had a son, Blake, on 24 January.  Jade Barnard(nee` Nicholson) (class of 2004) had a daughter, Mia Grace, in January.  Jade Barnard (Class of 2000) had a son, Luke, on 15 January.  Maureen Dicken (nee` Smith) (class of 1995) had a son, Alex, brother to Amy & Adam.  Rory Russell (class of 1997) has a son, Quin Michael, born on 5 February.  Angela Smith-Rashhad a daughter, Grace, on the 24 April.  Geoffrey Hayward(class of 1999) has a son, Tyler James, born on 29 April.  Tony Salgado (class of 2000) and Belinda Salgado (nee` Paul) (class of 1999) had a son, Christiano, born on 27 April.  Linda Galati (née Roscoe) (class of 1996) had a daughter, Giulliana Grace, on the 24 May.  Thembi Lihle Ndlela (class of 2008) had a son on 21 June.  Skye (nee` Dillon) (class of 1998) and Neil Stevenson had a son, Jasper Alexander, on 3 July in London.  Richard Crichton (class of 1995) has a daughter born in September.  Katherine Jane Miller (nee` Langley) (class of 1997) had a son, Reuben Daniel Robert, brother to Bailey, in September.  Mandisa Blose (class of 2007) had a son, Ziyanda, on the 19th of September.  Nicole Morrissey(class of 1995) andIvan Sheppard (class of 1996) had a son, Benjamin, in September. Caroline Pataky(nee` Buissinne) (class of 1995) had a son, Lawrence, in September. Gareth Brown (class of 2000) has a son, Ford, born in September; grandson to Mrs Carol Brown, a past teacher. Shale Biggs(nee` Exelby) (class of 2001) had a daughter, Sage, in October. Carmen Pretorius (class of 1990) had a daughter, Emma, in October. Leon de Fleuriot (class of 1989) and Reeva De Fleuriot (nee Harvey) (Class of 1995) had a son, Luc, in November. Devon Brent (Class of 2006) has a daughter, Cadence, born on 30 November.


Quintin Wheelwright (class of 2002) and Gayl Jordaan (class of 2004) got engaged on 11 December 2012. Robert Powell(class of 1994) married Llewellyn in December 2012. Nosipho Mamkhize Mthalane (class of 2005) married Bongani on 22 December 2012.  Rowen Steyn (class of 1998) got engaged in January.  Cindy Cundell(class of 2002) married Conrad on 26 January.  Phillipa Le Roux (class 1996) got engaged to Wayne Chivell in January. Devon Wendover (class of 2002) got engaged to Kim on 4 January.  Kathryn Bosse (class of 2004) got engaged to Kent on 1 January. Roxanne Smuts (class of 2009) married Terence Roodt on 16 February. Dee Daphne Phiri (class of 2009) got engaged to Gift Phungula on 16 February.  Claire Graham (class of 1992) got engaged to Daryl Scott in February.  Nicola Brown (class of 1999) married Mike Pennefather on 27 April.  Mark Symons married Cindy-Lee McCabe on 11 May.  Bronwyn Swart(now Hillhouse) (class of 2002) was married on 11 August.  Kurt Cooke (class of 1993) and Ashleigh McKay (Class of 1993) were married on 21 September.  Dale van der Wath (class of 2002) and Raeanne Paul (class of 2000) were engaged in September.  Neil Browning and Janine Susan Hayward (both class of 2003) were married on 21 September.  Carlin Perros (class of 2004) married Bronwyn Haarhof in September. Ann Bonniwell (class of 2001) married David Ashworth on 5 October.  Belinda Stewart-Burger (class of 1983) married Debby del Rosario in the USA in October.  Louise Ainley (class of 2005) and Warren Bowen (class of 1988) were married on 28 September. Regan Robinson (Class of 1995) got engaged to Wilma Karamanolis in November 2013.