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2014 News


Wayne Coetzer (Class of 1991, Head Boy): GM of The Oyster Box Hotel which was voted one of the top hotels in the world on the Conde Nast Travel gold list for 2014.   

Philip Raw (Class of 2005) completed his first Dusi Canoe Marathon.

Stuart Tarr (Class of 2007) was admitted as an attorney.

Marce Greyson qualified as a commercial pilot.

Michael Trusler and Jon Ekerold (both Class of 1989) completed the Joburg2C cycle event.

Dean Riley achieved his green number for the Comrades Marathon.

Avril Halstead (Class of 1993) completed her first Comrades Marathon and was 22nd woman, first SA female novice, and part of the Born2Run team which won the woman's team prize.

The following past pupils graduated from Stellenbosch University: Misha Davies (Class of 2007) - BA (Sports Science); Marius Pretorius (Class of 2008) - BAccounting (Hons) and Philippa Crooks (Class of 2010) - BA (Humanities).

Stuart Marais (Class of 2006) achieved 4th place in the SA Cross Country Cycling Championships.

Liam O'Farrell (Class of 2004) achieved second overall position in the Motocross Deschambult in Quebec.

Ryan Stanbury (Class of 2010), playing for the Prestwich Cricket team in the UK, struck 136 not out from just 52 balls, taking 43 balls to reach a century – beating the previous record for the Lancashire County Cricket League by two balls.

Liam Middleton (Class of 1995) was appointed as the Coach of Canada’s Mens 7's Rugby team.

Legé Praneel Bokwandini (Class of 1999) completed 94.7 Cycle Challenge.


Jeandre Le Roux-Ramström (Class of 2003) has a son, Malakai.  Cindy van der Westhuizen nee Merrick (Class of 1994) has a daughter, Gabriella.  Clive Curtis (Class of 1999) has a daughter, Hannah Caitlin.  Duncan and Mary Butterworth (nee Butlin) (both Class of 1998) have a daughter, Sally.  Caroline Schwegman (Class of 2001) has a son, Joshua.  Kirsten Adamson (nee Broadbent) (Class of 1996) has a son Noah.  Rowen Buhr (nee Steyn) (Class of 1998) has a daughter, Zoë.  Nicola Purbrick Mottram (Class of 1991) and Matthew Mottram (Class of 1989) have a daughter.  Boyce Klückow (Class of 1995) has a son.  Belinda Kelly (Class of 1995) has a son.  Kurt and Ashleigh Cooke, nee Mackay, (both Class of 1993) have a son, Tristan.  Steven Eatwell (Class of 1992) has a son, Nate. Jacky Stander (Class of 2004) has a son, Sebastian.  Kate Keough, nee Ainslie (Class of 2001) has a son, Dylan.  Priscilla Lea Blignaut (Class of 2006) has a daughter, Peyton.  Meryl Nienaber (nee Lubbe) (Class of 1999) has a son, Blake.


Sarah Marais (nee Taylor), Class of 2006, married Frans. (Daughter of Liz Taylor, nee Higgs, Class of 1976).   Clare Stephenson (Class of 2004) got engagement to Bernice. Devon Michaux and Kirsty Hayward (both Class of 2004) got engaged.  Rob Ducasse (Class of 2010) got engaged to Denise Paul.  Sidney Sneed (Class of 1994) got married to Mandy.  Kyle Smith (Class of 1995) got engaged to Dalene.  Donne Jean-Jacques (Class of 2009) got engaged to Craig Venter.  Tash Bouwer (nee Brandow) (Class of 2009) got married to Lance.   Laura Turner (nee Carr) (Class of 2004) got married to Garth.  Branden Van Der Merwe (Class of 2004) married Kerry-Ann.  John Bennett (Class of 2006) and Chay Fourie (Class of 2010) got married.  Jacqui Burdon (Class of 2004) is engaged to Jason Blick.  Kathryn Fick (nee Bosse) (Class of 2004) married Kent.  Denham Trollip (Class of 1974) married Anabell.  Dale van der Wath (Class of 2002) married Raeanne Paul (Class of 2000).  David Grimshaw (Class of 1983) married Jo in the UK.  Chris Melling (Class of 2001) married Noeline.  Quintin Wheelwright married Gayl Jordaan (both Class of 2004)0. Sarah Keytel (Class of 2003) is engaged to Brendan White.  Cheleigh Adnams, nee Mathews (Class of 2005) is married.  Darryn Mortimer (Class of 2002) married Robyn.  Kate Matchett (Class of 2001) married Derek Brown. Bailey Shearer (Class of 2004) married Paul Basson.  Grace Botha (nee Sonjica) (Class of 2009) married Ryno.   Roan Exelby (Class of 1995) married Shelly Gould (Class of 1996).  David Walstroom (Class of 2006) is engaged to Rebecca.   Cody Mortimer is engaged to Melissa Lily Marina Lingard (both Class 2011).  Hamish van Dyk (Class of 1993) married Shannon.   Chanelle Le Roux (Class of 2006) is engaged to Dennis.  Alma Hattingh (Class of 2000) is engaged to Kobus.  Devon Wendover (Class of 2002) married Kim. Mellanie Yanasak (Class of 2008) is engaged to Alwyn.  Symone Gendron (Class of 2006) is engaged to Marlon.