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2012 News


Tamela Turner nee Phipson (Class of 1999) has started a job as a Caseworker for the International Rescue Committee in Oakland, California. She will be working in a  refugee resettlement, with refugees from Burma, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka.

Belinda Stewart-Burger (Class of 1983) was awarded the nationwide DAISY award at Hoag Hospital in Los Angeles, USA, for exceptional, skillful and comassionate nursing care. Belinda is an ICU sister who trained at Greys Hospital, Pietermaritzburg where she also received the Henrietta Stockdale award (27 February 2012)

Sam (Class of 1970), Jason (Class of 1997) and Scott Hartman - Members of Conservation Guardians raised       80 000 euro at the Rocking for Rhino concert in Monaco on 19 April 2012.

Ingrid Whitton (Class of 1987-1988) was appointed Deputy Head of St. Monicas, Matatiele on 1 June 2012.

Abigael Thompson (Class of 2009) was accepted into a prestigious performing arts school in London called Italia Conti. She is studying performing arts majoring in singing.

Kerry Koen (nee Dalling) (Class of 1993) was the sixth woman home in the 2012 Comrades Marathon.

Megan Kelland (Class of 2006) finished her Creative Writing degree at Bath Spa University in Bath, UK. As part of her final year, she made a short documentary film. This is available on youtube. She also joined students from Bath University in Zambia with IDEALS, a project that sends students to Lusaka to coach children and teach them about HIV and AIDS. Megan was the media student, filming and photographing all that goes on and making promotional films and documentaries for the NGOs involved.

A short film, being produced by Cait Panseqrouw (Class of 2006), is one of the 5 African films awarded funding by the Africa First Programme - endorsed by Focus Features, one of the largest film studios in the USA. Here is the link, where the writer/director, William Nicholson, is mentioned: Only 5 projects are chosen each year and the winners of the funding are flown to New York to develop their project with industry veterans from all over the world. We wish Cait all the best for this project.

Frankie Raubenheimer (now Cawdry) (Class of 1975) won a 2011 Spirit of Comrades Award. Http://

Gary Barford (Class of 2005) was first runner up in the final of the CNBC Africa Top Trader Reality TV show on DSTV on the 6th November.



Wade Charlton (Class of 2003), has a daughter, Bricelyn Ann, born 20/01/2012
Londiwe Yengwa (Class of 2002), has a son, born 31/01/2012
Cliff Butlin
(Class of 2000) has a son, Caleb, born on 7/02/2012
Warren Davison (Class of 1998) and Kerry Perros (Class of 1999) have a son, Cameron, born 08/02/2012
Chris Abramson
(Class of 1999) has a daughter, Sarah, born February 2012
Corrin Haupt nee Smith
(Class of 1997) has a second son, Slade, born 11/02/2012
Bruce Hopkins
(Class of 1995) has a son, Griffin, born 20/02/2012
Paul Thomas
(class of 1992) and Pippa Lockhart (class of 2000) have a daughter, Lucy, born in February 2012
Monique van Deventer (Class of 2008) has a son, Bryce, born 15/02/2012.
Leon Olivier (Class of 1996) has a daughter, Zoe, born 29/2/2012
Celeste Scharneck (Class of 1998) has a son, Egan born in February 2012
Ross O'Donoghue (Class of 1999) has a son, Murray born in February 2012
Duncan Butterworth
and Mary Butlin (both Class of 1997) have a son, Keegan Trevor, born 01/03/2012
Judy Payn (Class of 1997) has a son, Brody, born 6/03/2012
Neil Collier
(Class of 1996) has a daughter, Evannah, born on 23/05/12
Meryl Lubbe
(Class of 1999) has a son, Cameron, born on the 23/05/12
Dee Ann Charlton
(Class of 1995) had a daugther, Tyla, born in May 2012
Lyndsay Gregory (Class of 1997) has a son, Athan David, born on 3/06/12
Lee Hunter (Class of 1995) has a dauther, Aria Layton Edwards born on 4/06/12
Edward Jeffrey
(Class of 2000) and Charlene Kerr (Class of 2002) have a son, Joshua Charles, born on 13/06/12 in the UK
Peta Robertson (Class of 1996) has a daughter, Brenna, born on 20/06/12
Justin Hayward (Class of 1997) has a daughter, Freya Jane born on 20/06/12
Edward Hodkinson (Class of 1996) has a son, Jeremy, born in June 2012
Angela Abbott nee Luck (Class of 1992) has a daughter, Ella, born 25 June 2012
Avindra Ramsingh (Class of 2004) has a son, Taahir, born 8/08/2012
Wesley Gold (Class of 1995) has a daughter, Eibhlin Faith, born August 2012
Kaelene Thomas (Class of 2008) has a son, Lyle, born on 10 September 2012
Ashley Pillay (Class of 2001) and Suveera Debideen (class of 2004) have a daughter born on 31 October 2012.
Angela Anderson (now Hill) (class of 1995) has son, Samuel David Hill, born 3/11/12
Belinda Clarke (Class of 1995) has a second son, Nathaniel, born on 19 November 2012.
Kirstin Stevenson (nee Gunther, Class of 1996) has a son Brynn born on 6 December 2012.
Ross MacKintosh (Class of 1992) has a daugher, Evie Sylvia Lilly, born on 12/12/2012.
Grant Whittal (Class of 1994) has a son, Alexander, born on 13 December 2012.
Tegan Booysen (nee de Kock Class of 2002) has a daughter, Ayla Danielle, born 10/12/2012
Tamsen Potgieter (Class of 2000) has twin boys, Zach and Jake, born in December 2012
Nancy Oats Rossouw (Class of 1994) has a daughter born in December 2012
Jenny Jacobs-Kraft (nee Holliday - Class of 2000) has a daughter, Amber Chloe, born on 27/12/12.
Andrea Spiers (class of 2005) has a daughter,Tayla born 25/12/12



Tony Selgado
(Class of 2000) and Belinda Paul (Class of 1999) got engaged 18/02/2012
Howard Morrison
(2003) and Jamie-Cherel Peate (2010) got engaged 24/02/2012
Steven Eatwell
(Class of 1992) married on 10 March 2012.
Jeandre Le Roux
(Class of 2003) married Daniel on 17 March 2012.
Adriaan Lottering
(Class of 2004) got engaged to Shannon Yeates in March 2012
Tenneil Clark
(Class of 2004) got engaged to Garth Lee in April 2012
Ross Goldstone
(Class of 2004) got engaged to Mel Dibben on 25/05/12
Ricky Evans
(Class of 2002) (son of Garth and Madeleine Evans - both past pupils) married Catherine on 26/05/12
Tarryn Winchester
(Class of 2004) got engaged to Darryl Louch on 26/05/12
Lesley Haddon
(Class of 1987) and Anton Martyn (Class of 1992) got engaged 24/06/12
Megan Toni Couchman
(Class of 2006) got engaged to Warren Hunter 25/06/12
Clive Curtis
(Class of 1999) married Tarryn in June 2012.
Tony Selgado
(Class of 2000) and Belinda Paul (Class of 1999) married on 28/07/2012
Zola Ngcobo (Class of 2003) married Nhlanhla Ngubane on 29/09/2012.
Nicole Morrissey(1995) and Ivan Sheppard (1996) got engaged in August 2012
Alan Farre
(Class of 1992) got engaged to Nicky Jones on 12/10/2012.
Melissa Harrington (nee Davis), Class of 2004, married Scott, on 20/10 in the UK
Megan Couchman (Class of 2006) married Warren Hunter on 20 October.
Fay-Lee Hutchinson
(Class of 2004) is marrying Garrett Funabiki in South Korea on 23/10/12
Ruan Albertyn (Class of 1995) married Kerry in October in the UK.
Tessa Hinze, now Tessa van der Merwe (Class of 2000) married Johann on 4/11/12.
Kirsten Broadbent (Class of 1996) got engaged to Mark Adamson on 18/11/2012.
Janine Hayward and Neil Browning (both Class of 2003) got engaged on 17 November 2012.

Grace Chaplin (Class of 2005) married Clint Bowyer on 8 December 2012.
Grace Sonjica (Class of 2009) got engaged in December 2012.
Despina Archak Sing (Class of 1999) married Tim on 12 December 2012.
Andy Noble (Class of ??) and Esmarelda Uys (Class of 2000) got engaged in December 2012
Quintin Wheelwright (Class of 2002) and Gayl Jordaan (Class of 2004) got engaged on 11 December 2012
Dieter Veenstra (Class of 2001) got engaged to Renee Stegen on 12 December 2012.
Rob Powell (Class of 1994) married Llewellyn in December 2012
Nosipho Mamkhize Mthalane (Class of 2005) married Bongani on 22 December 2012