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2011 News

2011 News

Suzette Strydom (now Meyer) (Class of 2000) entered the Bride of the Year Competition.

A movie, called 'Away from Me’ and produced by Cait Pansegrouw (Class of 2006), was been nominated for ‘Best Student Film’ in the 2011 South African Film & Television Awards (SAFTAS). Use the link below to view the trailer.

Further, Cait produced a music video for the band ‘Goodluck’.

Gary Allpass (Class of 1980), an award winning horse-riding instructor and stable manager, who was dismissed by his employer for being HIV positive, won his case in the Labour Court in Johannesburg in February 2011.

Bradley Cooke (Class of 1991) completed the Argus cycling race in March 2011.

Jason Hartman (Class of 1997) was one of the lead characters in the movie ‘A Million Colours’, a follow up to ‘i-Lollipop’, which premiered at the Hollywood Black Film Festival in October 2011.


Francois de Fleuriot (Class of 1995) has a second son, Trystan born in January 2011.
Steven Tidbury (Class of 1994) has a son, Stuart James born on 21 January 2011.
Melinda Denning (now McGlew) (Class of 1999) has a daughter, Michaela Jean, born 26 January 2011.
Jacques Keartland (Class of 1995) had a daughter, Chlöe Diane in February 2011.
Adele Arnold (nee Strydom)
(Class of 1996) had a second son, Jethro, brother to Nathan in February 2011.
Vicky Eleftheriou
(Class of 2001) has a son, Seraphim, born on 11 February 2011.
Taryn Zammit (nee McArthur) (Class of 1995) had a son, Charles, on 21 February 2011.
Debora Keet (nee Wheelwright) (Class of 1993) had a son, Matthew on 22 February 2011.
Michele Moncur (Class of 1996) had a daughter, Skye Erin, in March 2011.
Vanessa Luck (Class of 1994) had twins a girl and a boy, in April 2011.
Jenny de Pontes (nee Walsh) (Class of 2000) had her 3rd baby, a boy, Manuel Cruz on 13th of April 2011.
Sohana Maharaj (Class 2004) had twins, a girl and a boy, on the 6th of May.
Anthony Lumley (Class of 1999) has a son, Sebastian, born on 16 May 2011.
Jo Eleftheriou (Class of 2000) has a daughter, Anastasia, born on 19 May 2011.
Graeme Farley (Class of 2001) has a daughter, Zoe, born in June 2011.
Candice Strydom nee Miekle (Class of 1997) has a daughter, Victoria, born 19 June.
Kirstin Stevenson nee Gunter (Class of 1996) has a daughter, Kenzie Paige (29 June)
Hugo Schuitemaker (Class of 1998) has a daughter born on 30 June 2011.
Katherine Miller nee Langley (Class of 1997) has a daughter, Bailey Jess, (2 July)
Sue Driemeyer nee Munger (Class of 1993/4) has a son, Kyle (July 2011)
Monique Nyman nee Shaw (Class of 1998) has a son, Jude born on 27 July 2011.
Raymond Archer (Class of 2000) has a son, Greg, born in August 2011.
Dan Willment (Class of 2002) and Kate (nee Hill, Class of 2003) have a daughter, Kayla Josie, born on 8 August.
David Wood (Class of 1995) and Bianca nee Uys (Class of 2003) have a daughter, Tiffany Hanna, born on 30 August.
Sean Hills (Class of 1999) has a daughter, Cailin Sarah, born on 2 September.
Carla Mountain (nee Svendson) (Class of 2003) has a son, Thomas Paul, born 5 September.
Kerry Bullock (Class of 1994?) has a son, Peter, born in September 2011.
Winnifred Phindile Motaung nee Sithole (Class of 2005) has a son, Bokamoso, born 20 September 2011.
Nicollette James nee Chetty (Class of 2001) has a son, Cae'lim Tyler, born on 9 October 2011.
Nicola Morgan nee Homan (Class of 2000) has a son, Joshua Ben, born on 14 October 2011.
Michelle Szmyrgala (Class of 2001) has a daughter, Sharda'e, on 15 October 2011.
Wesley Littleton (Class of 2000) and wife, Sarah, had a 2nd daughter Daniella Dee, on 30 October 2011.
Julie Ellwood nee Pringle (Class of 1995) has a son, Seth, born in November 2011.
Greg Nanni (Class of 1994) and Carmen nee Paul (Class of 1995) have a son, Aaron, born 18 November 2011.
Kim Cundill (Class of 1996) has a second son, Zeph, born 18 November 2011.
Jared Buys (Class of 1994) and Claire nee Butlin (Class of 1996) have a daughter, Cally, born 20 November 2011.
Nicole Bracco nee Beard (Class of 1999) has a son, Matt, born 30 November 2011.
Brendan Davidson (Class of 1999) has a son, Tyler, born 9 December 2011.
Jonathan Abramson (class of 2001) and Carrie nee Kendall (Class of 2003) have a second son, Brayden, born in December 2011.


Brett Moran (Class of 2001) married Jody on 3 January 2011.
Nontobeko Mabaso-Mkhasibe (Class of ??) married to Sihle Mkhasibe on 29 January 2011.
Jeandre Le Roux
(Class of 2003) got engaged to Dan in February 2011.
Jackie Widdows (Class of ??) got engaged in February 2011.
Clive Curtis
(Class of 1999) got engaged to Tarryn in February 2011.
Verona Seechoonparsad
(Class of 2002) got engaged in March 2011.
Skye Dillon (class of 1998) married Neil Stevenson on 9 April 2011.
Cliff Butlin (Class of 2000) married Lynette on 30 April 2011.
Leanne Symons and Hendrik Holtzhausen (both class of 2003) were married on 14 May 2011.
Caroline Buissinne
(Class of 1995) married Christopher Pataky in The City of London on 16 April 2011.
Megan Shaw (Class of 2005) married Neil Rowbotham on 7th May 2011.
Kelvin Purchase (Class of 2006) & Macheila Brandow (Class of 2006) got engaged on the 14th May 2011.
Christie Crowson (Class of 2001?) married Bojan Andrejevic on 11 June 2011.
Steve Tompkins (Class of 1987) is engaged to Kathleen Jones Schouw (Class of 1986).
Neil Gregory (Class of ?) married Alice on 9 July 2011.
Robert Hicken (Class of 1995) is engaged to Kristy Sankey (Class of 1989) on 8 July
Ruan Albertyn (Class of 1995) is engaged to Kerry in October 2011.
Jacky Swindon (Class of 2004) married Llewellyn Stander on 17 December 2011.