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2010 News

Wendy-Jane Becker (Class of 1995) was made Captain on A319 and A320 planes for Tiger Airways, Singapore on 27 January 2010.

Bronwyn Eriksen-Miller is a home-based Travel Counsellor building up her business in the Fourways area of Johannesburg. Being part of a dynamic world wide company enables her to offer you fantasic deals and prices for business or leisure travel.  Tel 0848334177

Ruth A Howison (nee Fraser) class of 1993 achieved her Master of Science Degree in May 2010.

Anna Fardella (Class of 1974) was awarded the accolade for KZN Top Female Athlete 2010.

Barbara Feliu nee Tilbury (Class of 1976) now lives in Maryland, USA, is married to Tom Feliu and has a daughter called Emma.

Guy Anderson (Class of 2006), along with a team of UKZN Students, undertook a biking adventure called ‘Joy Tour’ in June 2010. The joy tour is a motorbike ride through rural Southern Africa, crossing over 10 countries between RSA and Uganda.  The aim of this trip is to bring simple joy to the lives of rural Africans throughout Southern Africa.  Using a modern polaroid camera, portraits of the African characters we meet along the way will be printed instantly, and given them to keep.  These unique photo's will be used to create a "coffee table book", filled with the happy faces who found joy in something so simple.  This trip aims to raise awareness for Miles For Smiles, which helps people born with cleft lips receive free surgery to mend this condition. Check out www.miles for

Five Howick High past pupils climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010, reaching the summit on Sunday, 8th August. The group included Edward Jeffrey (Class of 2000), Denzil Mackrory (Class of 2000), Charlene Jeffrey (Class of 2002), Melanie Jeffrey (Class of 1997) and Jolene Els (Class of 1998).

Bronwen Brooke (Class of 1997) undertook an amazing challenge for charity on the 4th of September 2010.  She was part of a team of swimmers who took up the challenge of swimming around the Isle of Wight anti clockwise to raise money for 4 chosen charities. The 55 mile nautical distance started from Ryde in the very early morning. Sadly, they had to stop the challenge after 35 miles due to very strong winds, but this has not prevented them from reaching their fundraising target.

Tim Goodenough
(Class of 1998) entered the "More Balls Than Most" Charity competition in October 2010. The aim was to raise funds and awareness for testicular and prostate cancer. His video entry showed him taking part in extreme sports in a red speedo.

Rowan Newton (Class of 2001/2) underwent surgery for cancer in October 2010.

Petch Cundill (Class of 1994) ran the Dublin Marathon in October 2010.

Jason Geldenhuys (Class of 2010) entered the 'Face of Markham' competition.

Petch Cundill (Class of 1994) and his wife Sarah were presented with the 'Best New Business 2010' Award for their chain of Boston Brand Bar Salons in Ireland.


Craig McFarlane
has a son, Angus, born on 15 January 2010.
Sharon Klette Vijoen (Class of 1995) gave birth to a daughter, Jordyn, on 25 January 2010.
Grant Whittal (Class of 1994) has a daughter, Anna, born in January 2010.
Imke Hinze Le Roux (Class of 1998) gave birth to a daughter, Lexie Emily, on 26 January 2010.
Joshua Glenny (Class of 1990) has a daughter, Victoria, born on 15 February 2010.
Tracey Poole (Class of 1995) has a son, Savvakis-Giorges, born in February 2010.
Adrian (Koos) Simmons (Class of 1991) has a daughter
born in February 2010
Jade Barnard nee Nicholson (Class of 2004) had a son in February 2010.
Glenda Gregson has a son, Connor born on 1 March 2010
Wesley Cole (Class of 1997) has a son, Casey-Jay born on 7 March 2010.
Maureen Dicken Smith (Class of 1995) has a son, Adam, brother to Amy born on 30 March 2010
James Rhynes (Class of 1995) has a daughter, Madison, born on 3 April 2010.
Mark Butlin (Class of 1994) and Kate-Marie Quibell (Class of 1999) have a son, Brynn, born in May 2010.
Andre van Dael (Class of 1995) has a daughter, Katelyn, born on 2 July 2010.

Aarti Dewcharan (nee Mahadew) (Class of 2000) has a son, born on 29 July 2010.
Sharon Basson Holtzhausen (Class of 1995) has a second daughter, Tineale, born 23 July 2010.
Bruce Hopkins (Class of 1995) has a son, Victor, born on 27 July.
Diane Allen (Class of 1987) has a son, Aston Riley Allen Langwell born in August 2010.
Peter Kenyon (Class of 1995) has a son, born on 4 August 2010.
Kate Ainslie Keough (Class of 2001) has a son, Jason Adam, born in August 2010
Georgina Kemp (nee Cundill) (Class of 1997) has a son, Asher, born in September 2010.
Pierre Scholtz (Class of 1996) and Robyn Wijnberg (Class of 1999) have a son, Matthew, born on 21 September 2010.
Justin Hayward (Class of 1997) has a son, Finn, born on 25 September 2010.
Justin Wuite (Class of 1997) has a son, Evan, born in September 2010.
James Bullough (Class of 1998) has a son, Blake, born in September 2010.
Grace Chaplin (Class of 2005) has a son, Cameron, born on 12 October 2010.
Brad Cooke (Class of 1991) has a daughter, Holly Rose born 14 October 2010.
Gaenor Carr (Class of 1995) has a second daughter, Elizabeth Hope, sister to Alexandria.
Rory Russell (Class of 1996) has a son, Connor, born in November 2010.
Warren (Larry) Kendall (Class of 1999) has a son, Raefe, brother to Tannah, born in November 2010.
Donald Hobson (Class of 1996) has a son, Gregg, born in December 2010.
Candi Taylor Erasmus (Class of 2000) had a son, Matao on 26 December 2010.


Geoff Hayward
(Class of 1999) married Lindsay in January 2010.
Cindi Moncur (Class of 1996) was engaged in January 2010.
Taryn Bang (Class of 1997) was engaged in January 2010.
Anja Gunther (Class of 1994) was engaged in January 2010.
Skye Dillon (Class of 1998) was engaged to Neil Stevenson in London on New Year's Eve 2009. 
David Wood (Class of 1995) and Bianca Uys (Class of 2004) were married on 6 February 2010.
Phindile Motaung (nee Sithole) (Class of 2005) was married in February 2010.
Kate Willment (Class 2003) was married to Rick Stutterheim in March 2010.
Duncan Butterworth and Mary Butlin (both Class of 1997) married on 2/4/10
Warren Davidson (Class of 1998) and Kerry Perros (Class of 1999) were married on 3 April 2010.
Caroline Buissinne (Class of 1995) got engaged to Chris in the UK on 22 April 2010.
Robynne Bouwer (Class of 2007) got engaged to Michael in the USA.
Chelsea Botha (Class of 2006) was married on 10 April.
John Gold (Class of 1997) got engaged to Sarah Gard of New Zealand on 2 May 2010.
Louise Comrie got engaged to Kyle in in June 2010.
Shale Exelby (Class of 2001) got engaged to Shaun Biggs in June 2010.
Sarah Jody Gordon (Class of 2008) and Hayley Megan Weston (Class of 2003) were engaged in July 2010.
Mark Odell (Class of 1994) was engaged to Leanne in July 2010.
Cliff Butlin (Class of 2000) was engaged to Lynn Britz on 4 July.
Carla Svendson (Class of 2003) was engaged to Shayne in July 2010.
Graham Peacock (Class of 1993) was engaged to Lou in July 2010.
Robynne Bouwer (Class of 2007) was married to Mike Vega in July 2010.
Steve Tompkins (Class of 1987) was engaged to Helen in August 2010.
Casey Gallagher (Class of 1999) was engaged to Daniel in August 2010.
Libby Henry (Class of 1995) was married to Clive de Villiers in August 2010.
Hendrik Holtzhausen and Leanne Symons (both Class of 2003) were engaged in 2010.
Michele Moncur (Class of 1996) was married to Etienne in September 2010.
Tamara Millar (Class of 2005) was engaged to Derek Cameron in September 2010.
Tessa Grace (Class of 2003) was married to Marco Kotzenmacher in September 2010.
Riley Hill (Class of 2002) was married to Jenna-Lee Mills in September 2010.
Stephanie Bouwer (Class of 2002) was engaged to Hein in October 2010.
Francois de Fleuriot (Class of 1995) was married to Carna in October 2010.
Byron Chetty (Class of 2005) got engaged to Saydee Cole in October 2010.
Meryl Lubbe (now Nienaber) (Class of 1999) was married to Stoffel in October 2010.
Olwen Shearer (Class of 1999) got engaged in October 2010
Travis Butler (Class of 1999) got engaged to Laura Dela-Torr in October 2010.
Neil Collier (Class of 1996) married Mari in October 2010.
Shale Exelby (Class of 2001) married Shaun in October 2010.
Angela Smith (Class of 2001/2) got engaged to Barry in October 2010