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2009 News

Frankie Cawdrey (nee Raubenheimer), Class of 1975, was struck by a car whilst scouting for a location for her Club (Chiltern Athletics) table for the 2009 Comrades Marathon.  She has suffered severe injuries which will result in her being hospitalised for a period of time.  Her Club has decided that in view of the fact that she is self-employed and will not be able to carry on her business in the immediate future, it would like to assist her by raising funds to carry her through this difficult time.  A Trust Fund has been set up with a dedicated bank account.  Any contribution will be most welcome.  The account details are:  Account Name – Chiltern Frankie Cawdry Fund; Bank – Standard Bank; Branch Code – 045426; Account Number – 251 596 125.

Jason Hartman (Class of 1997) was the winner of the Idols SA V competition in 2009 and first single, Break the Silence, went to number one on the charts within 24 hours of being released.  He is the first South African Idol to achieve a number one single.

Laura Bennett, aka Pixie, (Class of 2001) was a contestant in the Idols SA V competition in 2009 and was placed 6th.  She and her band continue to be successful with their single ‘So Spun’ featuring on the music charts.

Both Jason Hartman and Laura Bennett were given the freedom of Howick in May 2009.

Guy Vorster
(class of 1990) played for the Canadian Classics rugby team in the World Classics Rugby Tournament in Bermuda in November 2009. His first game was against the Springbok Classics team. The score was Bokke - 41 Canada – 5.

Anna-Maria Shepperson's (nee Fardella) (Class of 1979) daughter, Carla, was the first ever Miss Bellydance SA winner in 2009.


Sydney Sneyd
(Class of 1994) has a son, August Eric, born May 2009.
Richard Crichton
(class of 1995) and his wife, Elaine, had twin boys in May 2009.
Chelsea Bell
(Class of 2006) gave birth to Amia Anne Botha on 31 July 2009.
Francois de Fleuriot
(Class of 1995) has a son, Jean-Christiaan, born in August 2009.
Ian Robertson
(Class of 1998) has a son, Cayde, born in August 2009.
Owen Lloyd
(Class of 2003) has a daugher, Isabella, born in August 2009.
Jennifer Willment (
Class of 1999) gave birth to a daughter, Elle Sophie in August 2009.
Bastow (Class of 1991) and Natalie (nee Carlisle)(Class of 1995) had a daughter, Megan, brother to Nicholas in September 2009.
Scott Aldridge
(Class of 1993) and Emma (nee Wijnberg) (Class of 1999) had their second daughter, Julia, sister to Jessica in September 2009.
Jennifer Nash (nee Charlton)
(Class of 1989) gave birth to a son, Bryce, brother to Abigail in September 2009.
Nontobeko Mabaso
(Class of 2003) gave birth to Oluhle on 29 September 2009.
Grainne Attwell (nee Mahon)
(Class of 1995) gave birth to her second daughter, Lauren, on 1 October 2009.
Brett Lowe
(Class of 1992) and Karen have a son, Oliver Hardwicke (4.94kg) born in October 2009.
Dee-Ann Wilson (nee Charlton)
(Class of 1995) gave birth to a daughter, Caitlyn Dee in October 2009.
Hayley Susan Kruger
(Class of 1990) gave birth to a son, Luke in October 2009.
Phil Wedge
(Class of 1988) had a daughter, Sophie in November 2009.
Jenny de Pontes
(Class of 2000) gave birth to a son Jorge in November 2009.
Ashleigh Wilson Temple
(Class of 1995) gave birth to a daughter, Robyn, sister to Stuart in November 2009.
Anita Willis
(Class of 1994) gave birth to Sasha Abigail, sister to Nicholas in November 2009.
Mark Sclanders
(Class of 1993) and his wife Tanja had a son, Luke in November 2009.
Nadine Barclay
(class of 2002) gave birth to a son, Caleb in December 2009.


Dan Willment
(Class of 2002) and Kate Hill (Class of 2003) were married in May 2009.
Mish Kelly-van Staden
(Class of 2001) was married in May 2009.
Gemma Hattingh
(class of 2003) is engaged to Kevin Linforth.
Brendan Davidson
(class of 1999) was married in 2009.
Natalie Dell
(Class of 2003) was engaged to Gareth Crouch in May 2009.
Sean Hills
(class of 1999) married Laura Evenwell in August 2009.
Katherine Langley)
(Class of 1997) was married to Simon Miller in September 2009.
Sharon Klette
(Class of 1995) married Tim Viljoen in September 2009.
Monique Coetzer
(Class of 1997) was married to Brendan Reynolds in September 2009.
Lee Pascoe Venter
(class of 1999) married Mandy Seale in 2009.
Justin Shaw
(Class of 1994) and Leslie Hemmings (Class of 1999) were married in October 2009.
Chester Clayton (Class of 1997) married Jolene Hanekom in October 2009.
Paul Trench
and Tracey McCullough got engaged in 2009.
Imke Hinze
(Class of 1998) got engaged in 2009.
David Chamier
married Chanel in 2009.
Anthony Meikle
(Class of 1994) married Noelle in the USA in November 2009.
Jade Nicholson (Class of 2004) married Luke Barnard in November 2009
Stuart Giblett
(Class of 1994) married Emily in 2009.
Claire Spiers
(Class of 1997) married Andrew Morrisey in December 2009.
Hayley Bates
(Class of 2001) was engaged in December 2009.
Hayley Whiteing
(Class of 2001) was engagement in December 2009.
Brian Berkeljon
(Class of 1999) was married to Glenda in December 2009.